Pay Per Click Search Marketing For Online Success in 2019

04 May

Online marketing strategies comprise different methods such as SEO, SMO, PPC, etc. Typically, these strategies are used to make a website rank higher over SERPs (Search engine results pages). 

However, if you want quick results, then PPC or Pay per click search marketing would be best for you. This is the sole reason why a lot of webmasters and business owners prefer PPC over SEO and other online marketing techniques. 

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What is PPC {Pay Per Click}

PPC is the process of paying for search result position. You have seen sponsor ads on the top of the search results or on the bottom or right side of the results each time when you are looking for any products or services over Google.

 These sponsor ads which appear over Google in light yellow background are established through PPC.

As mentioned above, PPC is fine for those who dont have time and resources to promote their site through other methods. 

Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which demands regular efforts and takes months, PPC is fast, effective and, if done right can prove to be a wise investment. 


What is Bid Strategy

I am mentioning the word right seeing that the position of paid advertisements is done via bids. The topmost bidder obtains the topmost position. Further, conversion rate is very important in PPC campaign as not all clicks would be converted, nonetheless you are required to pay each time your ad has been clicked by the end user. 

Therefore, you have to make a fine strategy, when pay per click search engine marketing pitches in. And as conversion rate plays a key role in this method, you should make certain that at least 1 out of 500 clicks are converting into sales?

 Also, calculate how much youre getting with that 1 sale? 

Google Adwords Provides the Benefit 

Luckily, Google Adwords provides the benefit of monitoring your PPC campaign effectively. Also, it provides the benefit of automatically stop the campaign for your given time when you reach the certain limit set by you. 

Without any doubt, keywords and your ad copy play a key role in your PPC campaign, hence you are required to pay a special attention towards them when you are making your marketing strategy. 

Ensure your primary keyword should be in the title of your ad copy. Keeping in view that you have limited characters to write your ad copy, so make it engaging, catchy and it should deliver the right message. 

As Google Adwords provide the benefit of advanced monitoring of your PPC campaign, so if your campaign not providing you results, then change it right away. Remove the keywords which arent doing well and add new ones and find out how they are performing. 

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